Student Testimonials

The transformative experience with Stand up for Mental Health is amazing. David and Syd made the environment comfortable to be able to create safety for us to show up and seek out how to bring laughter and levity to mental health. The level of integrity to ensure students gain the help that we require to move through stopping places from David is above and beyond. Offering safe space, proven mechanisms for writing comedy as well as the class camaraderie where we all get to offer and receive feedback is second to none. Highly recommend spending the time to allow yourself to engage in bringing laughter to those things we have potentially experienced as shaming and debilitating. The liberation is waiting for you, take a chance and step into doing stand up for mental health.

Tanya Horne, Coquitlam, B.C. 


Much gratitude to you, David, for teaching us an excellent course to help us destigmatize our shared experiences with our medical treatment journeys. Your course and your coaching throughout helped me immensely in being comfortable expressing my deepest humorous beliefs about our life’s purpose.

Joseph Hashemi, Burnaby, B.C.


Stand Up For Mental Health really helped me while I was going through a hard time. David created a fun, safe, collaborative space where I learned how to write jokes and face my fear of public speaking! I had recently moved to Vancouver and it made all the difference in the world to meet with my wonderful peers every week and have some laughs. Thank you so much David!

Mimi Pichette, Vancouver, B.C.


Thanks so much for everything I’ve learned with Standup for Mental Health. It coincided with a strong improvement in my confidence, a part of which is directly attributable to the classes. I never thought I’d be able to do anything like this, turns out I can! The level of mutual support in the group was amazing, and the chance to take part in real-world performances was amazing.

Japhy Ryder, Vancouver, B.C.


Writing jokes about my OCD, depression and anxiety was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Telling those jokes in front of an audience, hearing their laughter, and feeling their acceptance, has been not only rewarding, but freeing. It has allowed me to demonstrate that I am so much MORE than just my diagnoses; I am a beautiful person worthy of love and respect. And I’m funny. Who knew!!

Jennifer Ramesch, Burnaby, B.C.


Thank you so much David. I really appreciated the time you spent coaching me. This has definitely been the most challenging thing I have ever attempted, pushed me way out of my comfort zone but such a blessing as it’s exactly what I needed at this time in my life and recovery from my most recent long episode of not being well.

With much gratitude

Sue McDonald, Vancouver, British Columbia


You’re an AwesomeTeacher and an all around excellent supporter. I sure appreciate all I’ve learned from you thank you.

Yolanda Black, Aldergrove, B.C.


David is patient, kind and generous. His expertise has guided me to fulfil a dream, telling jokes on stage. 

Brenda Prince, Vancouver, B.C.


SMH was a great bonding experience. We are lucky to have a mentor with a keen sense of what is funny…and what is not. We had a class of people using each other as sounding boards and as a source of ideas on how to improve. To progress in the program, we all needed to check our egos at the door, no matter how large or how fragile they may be. We had a mix of people who have suffered in isolation and been misunderstood and labelled in harmful ways, which, strangely has helped us to relate to one other. Once you add a bit of fear, a lot of support, so many laughs, and the huge accomplishments of performing in front of so many, it helps create a stronger and much more cohesive group. Thank you David for creating this space and dedicating so much of your time and effort helping us to succeed. You are definitely one of a kind. By the way, have you ever looked into getting cloned? Here’s hoping future generations will be so lucky.

Kevin Scow, Vancouver, B.C.


This class helped me get through a difficult time & helped me cope with the loss of a friend, coworker & fellow comedian. This last year I set out to fully immerse myself in comedy in order to keep it going on his behalf. Before this class I couldn’t write a joke, I could barely get myself out of bed to be honest! By the show at Yuk Yuk’s I had come such a long way personally and comedically, and I can’t thank David, my classmates & SMH enough! 

Jenna Sunde, Vancouver, B.C.


Taking the comedy course with David Granirer is a totally positive experience. He knows what works in comedy & is very clear in expressing that in otherwords his teaching skill is at the highest level. I am grateful to him for my 2 public experiences of stand-up comedy La Fontana’s Cafe & Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club. Any one who wants to experience & learn stand-up comedy will highly benefit by taking David’s Stand-up For Mental Health Course.

Earl Thomas, Vancouver, B.C.


“I was at one of my lowest points last year. I felt I was worthless and didn’t have anything to offer to anyone, to my community or to myself. At some point, I found out about David’s program and I found a place that was so addicting: a place where I can rebuild myself, be with people who were warm, funny and so giving; and learn how to do stand up comedy – all at the same time. I thank David Granirer for his generosity, wit and teaching us all skills to use humor to cope with adversity. Ever since the course and the showcase, I feel like I can really approach people and have people approach me with a genuineness I haven’t really experienced before. It was a wonderful opportunity to really start a conversation about mental health with each other, our fears and our hopes to help build ourselves a life worth living.” 

Kimbo, Vancouver, B.C.


Thank-you David for the opportunity to be a part of Stand-up for Mental Health.  The concept behind creating humour out of our challenges is a brilliant strategy to empower people with Mental health challenges to take control of their lives, as opposed to the opposite.  Since we all have our own stories, the support and encouragement is amazing, and the experience of being on stage, with the audience cheering along, is one of the most positively reinforcing times of our lives.  You have given me a reason to fight my fears and isolationist life style, and have also given me hope that a new life is possible.  It is much healthier to  take our pain and turn it into something to entertain, and educate people.   May you continue for years to come.

Douglas Locke, Vancouver, B.C.


SMH has been an integral part of my life for 7 years. I can trust my ability to make people laugh. It,s a smart idea to take people who are suffering from mental illness, and help the laugh at themselves, and empower them to make others laugh. I come to class and I’m among true peers, people who can speak our truths to each other. If I feel like dying today, that’s OK. I feel blessed that I have been able to take part in this program, and I will continue studying funniness for the rest of my life! CMH is really everything important my life.

Belinda Heddema, Vancouver, B.C.


David and the SMH did much more than teach me about comedy. His coaching provided a safe and non judgemental environment which allowed me to actually DO STAND UP AT YUK YUK’S.  The class introduced me to a group of warm and sharing people with whom to work through and laugh at some of the most challenging mental health struggles. I was questioning if I could have fun anymore and the program showed me that I can. David, you rock!

Jackie Hillary, Vancouver, B.C.


SMH was awesome! I learned so much about stand up comedy, met supportive and kind people and I made a lot of people laugh, it was the best confidence boost ever.

Gurjot Toor, Vancouver, B.C.


The Stand Up for Mental Health comedy class was supportive, caring, interesting, empowering, and fun. It was the highlight of my week for 6 months! I’ve learned a lot about mental illness and comedy. Thank you for this amazing program!

April Soon, North Vancouver, B.C


People always say “Don’t get bitter, get better,” but they rarely explain how. SMH is a step by step guide. Experiencing the fact that, all over the world, there are places people go to laugh for a few hours, and that I could be a part of it, gave me another reason to live.

Alexandra Chauran, Vancouver, BC.


I found the stand Up For Mental Health  Comedy Classes  taught  by David Granirer  supportive, safe and nurturing. Also creating with the group was very rewarding as we all got to rewrite our scripts, laugh, and heal together. I highly recommend these classes for any Mental Health Survivor who wishes to take their power back! All the best on the road home.

Angela Zenk, Vancouver, B.C.


You led us into something we all thought at one time could never accomplish and you assisted us through our moods and fear and helped us to take down those barriers and become the truth of who we are. You have been with us through ups and downs and have always encouraged us to be our best and that’s what makes us great at what we do.

Dr. Ron, Vancouver, B.C.


Stand Up For Mental Health has boosted my self-esteem. I feel more confident in myself and things that I attempt to do.

John Johnston, Burnaby, B.C.


It’s amazing, it’s awesome. I was really proud of how we all developed. We all surpassed my greatest expectations.

Carmen Gaylard, Richmond, B.C.


Your course has helped me recognize my strengths and focus more on these while taking areas of low self-esteem or other weaknesses with no seriousness… it’s a joke!

Rosanne Gervais, Vancouver, B.C.


I have been part of Stand Up For Mental Health for the past year. David is an awesome teacher, somehow he has convinced me I’m funny in spite of all my inner messages. I do hope to go on and pursue comedy and I am slowly working to pursue that. Anything that may come out of this venture I owe to David and his great talent to teach so many diverse people under so many different situations.

Branwen Willow, Vancouver, B.C.


Stand Up For Mental Health has been a life saver in a time in my life when the waters are stormy. The classes and time spent with our crew keeps me laughing through life’s struggles.

Norm Conrad, Richmond, B.C.


Before the course I had a stigma about even admitting I might have a mental illness, but now I’m honored to belong to such an amazing group of people.

Jacquie Johnston, Port Moody, B.C.


Stand Up For Mental Health has given me the energy and direction to turn tragedy into comedy. My confidence and self-acceptance is getting stronger. I can still do stand-up while being depressed, angry and suicidal. I don’t have to stay home and feel sorry for myself. The stage is always open no matter what mood I am in or the circumstances of the day. Comedy gives me hope.                                                                                                   

Jennifer Steel, Burnaby, B.C.


I’m a more confident public speaker now and I feel confident that my jokes can make people laugh. Stand Up For Mental Health has brought a lot of enjoyment and fun into my life.                                                                                                                                        

Paul Decarie, Vancouver, B.C.


Thanks to Stand Up For Mental Health I feel like I can achieve any goal I make.      

Robbie Englequist, New Westminster, B.C.


The comedy class has been really great. You take a painful experience and open it up to sharing and laughter and it becomes therapeutic. You learn to laugh at your own hurts and see them for what they really are, learning experiences. The whole 3 hour class is filled with jokes, laughter, and spontaneity. You learn to pull anecdotes apart and find the funny bone in them. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to enjoy themselves.

Sheri Van Nes, Delta, B.C.


Things that were serious issues to me have had a lot of pain taken out of them through making jokes and humour out of them. I find this to be very therapeutic in that I don’t carry these issues around thinking of them and getting depressed over them. My confidence and self-esteem have risen tremendously. This is an excellent course.

Bruce Beckett, Delta, B.C.


David presents all the material in an understandable way and I feel my potential for learning is great.

Caroline Williams, Delta, B.C.


Stand Up For mental Health is a fantastic opportunity to look at some pretty heavy issues in a new light. Very therapeutic. David has a real gift for helping us create the laughs.

Renee Boisvert, Delta, B.C.


The Comedy class gave me strength to talk in public and to know I’m not alone it was one of the most wonderful experience of my life thank you David

Sherron Hogg, White Rock, B.C.


When I joined the beginner group for Stand up for Mental Health I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  David creates such a safe and mutually supportive atmosphere where we got to encourage and laugh with each other.  I felt like I could make a joke out of anything and I never felt judged.  It did not seem matter that some people had a bit of speaking experience or not, or whether someone thought they were funny or not.  It was amazing to grow and see everyone else’s growth.

Leading up to the show, instead of being nervous, I was so excited to get up there and have fun, and watch my group mates take the stage.  After the show, I felt so complete, whole.  I had a new feeling of inner calm and courage.

SMH gave me another frame of reference to view my experiences day to day, as well as a different way to re-tell some of my story since having a diagnosis. 

I’ve had a few bumps in the road in the past year and being able to see things differently and laugh is a great gift.  Sometimes I think of jokes out of the blue and just laugh to myself.  Laughter is so important for my wellness.  I highly recommend anyone to give SMH a try. Thanks for everything!!  You rock!

            Andrea Hollebacken, White Rock, B.C.