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    Stand Up For Mental Health Ground Rules


    Please be ready to go at 10:45 am.

    Please zoom in to all virtual shows at least 15 minutes before show time and be at all live shows at least 30 minutes before showtime. If you’re not there at those times you won’t get to go on, unless there’s been some sort of emergency.

    If you’re going to be late or absent from a class please contact me before to let me know. During each class everyone gets a turn to work on their act. I budget the time accordingly at the beginning of class. If you’re late and don’t let me know then you won’t get your turn.

    If you miss a show and don’t call or email then you will not be asked to do the next show in your rotation.

    Please dress appropriately for shows (yes, even on zoom!). I will let you know in advance what’s expected.

    No eating food during shows.

    Group Safety

    We are here to support each other. With that in mind here are some guidelines:

    When giving feedback on other comic’s jokes, please don’t just say something like, “That joke wasn’t funny.” Instead indicate why you thought the joke didn’t work and what the student could do to make it stronger.

    Conflict may happen in a group like this. If you have a conflict with someone, please try and resolve it with them. Don’t go talking about that person and what they said or did to other group members. If you’re unable to resolve the conflict directly then please come to and talk to me and I’ll be glad to help resolve things.

    You might really like someone and think it's a great idea to try and initiate a romantic relationship or ask them out on a date. This is a really bad idea, and not acceptable to us at the SMH Comedy Society. If you want start a relationship with someone then wait until the 6 month class is over.

    Everyone’s comments and contributions are equally valid.

    No abusive behavior such as yelling, constantly interrupting, talking over, belittling others, swearing, and expressing anger in destructive ways, etc. will be tolerated.


    Everything that happens in class stays in class. People need to feel safe and know that what they say or what happens in class is private and will not be disclosed to anyone, and that includes postings on social media like Facebook and Twitter etc. You can post about your own jokes and material but not about other people’s.

    Drugs and Alcohol

    No marijuana, street drugs, or alcohol to be consumed at classes or shows. If you have a relapse of your condition, you agree to not come to class until you are stable again.


    No use of devices during class other than to use zoom or to write jokes, or by special permission of the instructor. You may of course use your devices during breaks.

    During zoom classes, you need to have your video and sound on at all times unless you're having some sort of problem with your Internet or have some sort of condition that makes this difficult.

    You can mute your audio selectively if you like.

    Please be at your device so you can participate and support the other comics when class is on. It's not acceptable to turn off your video and mute your audio and then go off and do other tasks while the other comics run their material.


    No humour that is racist, sexist, homophobic, obscene or dirty.

    No swearing, or jokes involving crude sexual references or bodily functions references.

    Punch up NOT down.

    SMH Comedy Society is a non-political organization, so no humour that specifically targets a certain politician or political party although general comments are OK.

    Feel free to make joke about your culture, religion, ethnicity, color, gender, sexual orientation, experiences etc., but it’s not OK to do that about other’s.


    No stealing material from other comics or off the Internet. All of your act must be original.

    All acts must contain at least 60% mental health or addictions material.

    You own the copyright to all material that you write.

    You are free to do any shows you wish, and to say you are graduates of Stand Up For Mental Health. However, you may not call your shows Stand Up For Mental Health or SMH Comedy Society unless given permission by David Granirer and the SMH Comedy Society.

    By typing your name below you agree to all of the above conditions.

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