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Stand Up For Mental Health Vancouver Program

Our 2013 SMH Vancouver class after their debut

Our 2013 SMH Vancouver class after their debut show

Start Date: The next class starts in January 2016.

Classes: Class is on Tuesday afternoons from 1-4 pm. at West Burnaby United Church, 6050 Sussex Ave in Burnaby.

The first three months are spent preparing for debut in late April or May. After that we continue with weekly classes and do about 5-10 shows between our debut show and our grad show in late November or early December.

During July and Aug we go down to 2 classes a month and resume weekly classes in September. The entire program lasts for 12 months.

Costs: Because many of our comics are on disability, we charge on a sliding scale. The top of the scale is $500 for the year. If people were taking this class outside of the SMH Comedy Society it would cost at least $2000.

We never turn anyone for financial reasons. Some of our comics pay nothing, some pay $10 a month or whatever they can afford. Each comic negotiates the fee with David and whatever is agreed on is kept confidential.

Screening: Each potential student undergoes a screening interview to make sure he or she meets the criteria for participation in Stand Up For Mental Health. Participants must

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