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Student Testimonials

I have been part of Stand Up For Mental Health for the past year. David is an awesome teacher, somehow he has convinced me I’m funny in spite of all my inner messages. I do hope to go on and pursue comedy and I am slowly working to pursue that. Anything that may come out of this venture I owe to David and his great talent to teach so many diverse people under so many different situations.

Branwen Willow, Vancouver, B.C.

Stand Up For Mental Health has been a life saver in a time in my life when the waters are stormy. The classes and time spent with our crew keeps me laughing through life’s struggles.

Norm Conrad, Richmond, B.C.

Before the course I had a stigma about even admitting I might have a mental illness, but now I’m honored to belong to such an amazing group of people.

Jacquie Johnston, Port Moody, B.C.

Stand Up For Mental Health has given me the energy and direction to turn tragedy into comedy. My confidence and self-acceptance is getting stronger. I can still do stand-up while being depressed, angry and suicidal. I don’t have to stay home and feel sorry for myself. The stage is always open no matter what mood I am in or the circumstances of the day. Comedy gives me hope.                                                                                          

Jennifer Steel, Burnaby, B.C.

I’m a more confident public speaker now and I feel confident that my jokes can make people laugh. Stand Up For Mental Health has brought a lot of enjoyment and fun into my life.                                                                                                                                  

Paul Decarie, Vancouver, B.C.

The comedy class has been really great. You take a painful experience and open it up to sharing and laughter and it becomes therapeutic. You learn to laugh at your own hurts and see them for what they really are, learning experiences. The whole 3 hour class is filled with jokes, laughter, and spontaneity. You learn to pull anecdotes apart and find the funny bone in them. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to enjoy themselves.

Sheri Van Nes, Delta, B.C.

Things that were serious issues to me have had a lot of pain taken out of them through making jokes and humour out of them. I find this to be very therapeutic in that I don’t carry these issues around thinking of them and getting depressed over them. My confidence and self-esteem have risen tremendously. This is an excellent course.

Bruce Beckett, Delta, B.C.

Stand Up For mental Health is a fantastic opportunity to look at some pretty heavy issues in a new light. Very therapeutic. David has a real gift for helping us create the laughs.

Renee Boisvert, Delta, B.C.