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About Vancouver Stand Up For Mental Health

We believe that one of the best ways to deal with painful situations is to find the humor in them. That’s why we teach people with mental health issues to do stand-up comedy.

As far as we’re concerned it’s a great way to build confidence, reduce the shame people feel about having mental health issues, and take control of their lives while also raising awareness among the general public.

We began giving classes in the Vancouver area in 2004 and incorporated as a non-profit society in July 2010. We have a year-long program plus an alumni program for comics who have finished their first year and want to continue performing.

We do approximately 20 shows a year in the Vancouver area for all sorts of different organizations. We’ve performed for government, corporations, non-profit organizations, correctional facilities, on military bases, and we’re part of the 2nd year medical school curriculum for two universities.

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We are always looking for new members for our society. If you become a member all you have to to is to send us your name and email and we’ll add you to our membership list and send you the occasional update and invitation to our yearly Annual General Meeting. Click here to send us an email and become a member.


Stand Up For Mental Health Programs Outside Of Vancouver

Stand Up For Mental Health has programs across North America. Click here to find out about Stand Up For Mental Heath programs outside the Vancouver area.

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