About The SMH Comedy Society

The SMH Comedy Society is a non-profit organization that runs Stand Up For Mental Health programs in the Vancouver area.

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We are funded by various sponsors without whom we could’t keep the program going. And you’re most welcome to make a donation to our cause!

Stand Up For Mental Health is founded by stand up comic, counselor, author, and speaker David Granirer who also has depression. We began giving classes in the Vancouver area in 2004 and incorporated as a non-profit society in July 2010. We have a year-long program plus an alumni program for comics who have finished their first year and want to continue performing.

We do approximately 20 shows a year in the Vancouver area for all sorts of different organizations. We’ve performed for government, corporations, non-profit organizations, correctional facilities, on military bases, and we’re part of the 2nd year medical school curriculum for two universities.

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